Chairman's Message

Ever since its establishment in 1980, Al-Moushegah Group of Companies moved steadily in the Saudi market propelled by a practical vision and fierce competitive ambition in order to attain a leadership niche in a powerful and evolving market. The Group managed within a short span of time, thanks to a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and versed workforce, in grasping this market needs as well as the needs of its clients which combined to make it one of the best top ten companies in the field of Industrial construction and contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Moushegah Group never stopped its pursuit and search for the amenities that would place it at the top of the pyramid. It initiated an expansion program based on a business development strategy through diversification and attraction of customers on the basis of high quality, commitment to prescribed time frames and promotion of the best local as well as international practices in this field. The Group has initiated strategic alliances and commercial partnerships with the biggest, most powerful and pioneering international conglomerates in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, water and industrial sector.

The Group did not stop at but transcended the growth boundaries with a high degree of performance excellence to become a shining star that has earned the confidence of its partners & principals and credibility of its customers. Our strategy has been based at all times on providing high quality service and have worked and sought from the very beginning to accomplish the mission by providing a set of construction & engineering solutions and support activities through the various companies of the Group. This has been facilitated by our partnerships with a number of international companies with sterling reputation and good name.

We in Al-Moushegah Group do believe in the power to make a change and building bridges of creativity and innovation with our customers through nurturing an amenable and favorable work environment and creation of an ambiance that is most conducive to achieving the highest standards of commitment. All this has enabled us to build powerful ties with our customers both inside and outside the Kingdom. By the same token, the Group’s unwavering efforts to introduce into the market innovative creations in the field of its expertise to contribute to bolstering the national economy and creation of employment opportunities, transfer of technology from its sources and its conversion into consumable market opportunities.

In conjunction with the aspiration to develop and expand its services, Al-Moushegah Group has introduced one of its very new business lines to the Saudi market by establishing “Flowtronix Arabia LTD” (Electrical, Instrumentation and Control System Contracting Company). Flowtronix Arabia LTD is member of the Group responsible for delivering high standard services in oil, gas, petrochemical, power and water industries. Along with a competitive ability, clear vision and professional staff, Flowtronix Arabia LTD is looking forward to contributing to the market with efficient services covering construction, installation, operation and maintenance of oil, gas, petrochemical, power, water industries along with highly qualified manpower and spare parts supply. On this occasion, we cannot but express our profuse thanks and appreciation to our customers who are always in a position to inspire and motivate us to develop our operations to their satisfaction and to our partners & principals who take credit for our success. We also thank the Group employees who spare no effort in preserving and keeping intact the reputation of the Group through hard and tireless work intended to achieve its objectives.

Group Chairman